Organic standards

The main objective of workpackage 3 is to make a database of differences in organic standards in relation to EEC Reg. 2092/91 (PDF) and, on this basis, make an analysis of selected private and/or national standards.

The specific objective is to:

  • Make a public web-based database of differences between the major organic standards of Europe and other relevant standards in relation to EEC Reg. 2092/91 that can be used as a tool for stakeholders and policy makers, and that can be kept updated by the different Member States and inspection bodies. See the recommendations in the European Actionplan for Organic Farming

  • Check whether the selected organic standards comply with the EU regulation in the area of general provisions and crop production, and for which requirements the standards set higher levels of regulation on animal production.

  • Identify specific areas in the standards where revisions in terms of harmonisation, regionalisation or simplification may be implemented in EEC Reg. 2092/91 and national standards, taking into account the basic ethical values (in cooperation with WP2).

Expected outcome

Public organic standards database on the internet with information on differences in relation to EEC-regulation 2092/91 from minimum 15 European organic standards

Report on the comparison of the EEC-regulation 2092/91 and selected national and international organic standards.

For more information please contact:

Otto Schmid, FiBL
(WP manager)

Cristina Micheloni, AIAB (WP co-manager)