Discussions & Presentations

Self-sufficiency in organic farming

The objective of a workshop held March 21, 2007 at the University of Hohenheim, Germany was to elucidate research initiatives contributing to self-sufficiency in organic farming, and in this way inspire and enhance international and transnational research cooperation.

Dissemination seminar at BioFach 2007

At BioFach 2007 held in Nuremberg, Germany, the Organic Revision project conducted a dissemination seminar. The aim of the seminar was to provide an overall overview of the results of the project.

Joint Organic Congress 2006

In May 2006 the Organic revision project participated in the joint European organic congress. The project organized four sessions on "Rules and values in relation to the development of organic agriculture".

Workshop presentations at Biofach 2005

The organic Revision project was involved in two workshops at Biofach in February 2005.

The first workshop focused on basic principles in organic production, and it was held together with the IFOAM task force.

The second workshop focused on harmonization of organic standards in relation to the EU-regulation of organic agriculture.

In order to give preliminary information on the findings of Organic Revision, the presentations given at the workshops can be found here.

Discussions & Workshops

Communication with relevant stakeholders is considered as an integrated part of Organic Revision and dissemination of the obtained relevant knowledge is seen as the main tool to ensure this communication.


Organic Revision has its own discussion forums at OrganicForum, which is a platform for discussions especially within the European research in organic food and farming


The exchange of information can also take place on EcoWiki, which is a site for joint web work on organic agriculture and food systems.

Organic Revision has its own homepage at the EcoWiki. Here you can edit web pages and add new pages enabling you to take part in the discussion and submit knowledge within the theme.

Seminars and workshops

The project will also organize seminars & workshops for representatives of user groups, stakeholders and organic standard policy makers.